Friday, March 21, 2008

10 Year Association With Organized Crime

So now we know. We know for sure that Eliot Spitzer has been doing business with a prostitution wing of an Organized Crime syndicate. We need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the prosecutorial conduct of Eliot Spitzer. Remember, Spitzer was a U.S. Attorney and also was the Attorney General for the State of New York.

  1. Spitzer prosecuted a Prostitution Ring competitor of the syndicate with which he associated.

  2. It is doubtful that a man as intelligent and experienced as Spitzer would have stumbled onto any old prostitution website looking for business without some prior understanding with the criminal operators that his identity would be protected. In fact, the prostitution ring never disclosed Spitzer's criminal dealings, it was reportedly the money laundering crimes of Spitzer with the bank wires which alerted the Feds and caused the investigation.

  3. Only a fool would believe that the prostitution ring didn't hold some power over Spitzer - or vice versa.

Every official decision by Eliot Spitzer as prosecutor is now suspect. Every one of his decisions to prosecute is tainted by the fact that Spitzer may have been grandstanding to divert attention away from his organized crime affiliations, or to attack their competitors. Every decision by Spitzer against investigation and prosecution is similarly suspect. Did Spitzer need to protect vast wings of organized crime which where connected with the prostitution ring?

Only a Special Prosecutor will have the powers to investigate Spitzer and his long running usage of prosecutorial discretion bestowed upon him.

Yes, we might come face to face with invidious corruption involving officials in Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, and powerful law firms. But we need it. Let us remember what U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft told us:

"No country -- certainly not the United States -- is free of corruption. In the real world of limited resources, we know that we can only detect, investigate and prosecute a small percentage of those officials who are corrupt."

"I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight against corruption than the challenge for us within the law enforcement and justice sectors to keep our own houses clean."

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